What are the Best Chicken Breeds for Kids?

Are you thinking about getting chickens, not only for yourself, but hoping that chicken care and feeding will be something you can share with your kids? Well it is. Chickens are a great way to introduce small animal care to your kids, especially if you get chickens that are curious, lovable, and friendly rather than skittish or aggressive.

We’ve come up with 12 chicken breeds that you and your kids can enjoy:


These birds are friendly and unusual looking. However, their head feathers can obscure vision or get plucked by other birds. They can be trimmed for sight, and if raised with other birds are less likely to pick on them. ‘There egg production isn’t great, but it is reliable expect 2 white eggs per week, though they can be broody.


2. Buff Orpington

These large friendly birds that are curious and lovable. They often don’t mind being held and some like it. They also do well in confinement, so are a good option if you can not free-range your chickens. They will produce up to three large brown eggs per week.

Buff Orpington

3. Brahma

Pros: These chickens are friendly, and because they are trainable make good show birds. They generally do not mind being held and even the males can be quite docile. They come in both bantam and standard sizes and a variety of colors and have feathers on their feet. The hens lay up to three brown eggs per week.



Pros: These fluffy birds come in bantam or standard sizes and in eight different colors. They do well in confined spaces and are a calm, quiet, and friendly breed. They will say up to 3 brown eggs per week

Buff Cochin

5. Australorp

These birds are curious and friendly. They often make themselves the top bird in the hen house. They do well in confined spaces. They have gorgeous black feathers that turn iridescent green in the sun. They will lay up to 5 medium – large eggs per week.


6. Easter Egger

These birds are friendly and curious. They come in standard as well as bantam sizes and are an Araucana mix. This is not an official breed, but have been so named, because of their ability to lay green, blue, olive, or pink eggs. They can lay up to 4 eggs per week.

Easter Egger

7. Plymouth Rock

These are commonly seen in New England and are gentle. They often get along with other pets and come in a standard size. They live longer than many chicken breeds and will lay 4-5 pinkish brown eggs per week.

Plymouth Rock

8. Silkie Bantam

These chickens are small and lightweight. They come in a variety of colors and have five toes. Their eggs are small with a slightly pinkish tint. They are broody, so may not lay a lot of eggs.


9. Faverolle

These chickens are very docile and usually do well with young children. They have five toes and fluffy cheek feathers (AKA muffs) and sometimes have a feathered beard. They come in a variety of colors and can tolerate being confined to just a coop and run. They lay up to four light brown or creamy eggs per week.


10. Gold or Silver Laced Wyandotte

These birds are full of personality and will often be the top hen in the coop. They have a small comb, which can make the a good pick in colder climates as it is less likely to freeze. They come in a variety of colors that can be quite beautiful They are a small breed usually averaging only 6 lbs. They make great mothers and lay up to 5 pale brown eggs per week.


11. Coronation Sussex

These are large birds that are known to be gentle and sweet. They also make nice show birds and are easy for children to work with. The roosters often make excellent fathers, treating the chicks with care and patience. The Coronation Sussex is often described as a ‘lavender,’ but can be speckled or buff, and are excellent egg layers, laying up to 6 + light brown eggs per week.

12. Jersey Giant

The Jersey Giant is a large bird, but gentle and mellow also making them easy to handle. They get along well with other birds and animals and don’t make easy prey for hawks due to their size. They do well with children, but small children may be intimidated due to their size. They like to roam, but if you keep them enclosed, they will need at least 4 square feet per bird. The hens are good egg layers, laying 2-4 large, light-medium brown eggs. These birds are also good meat birds, but mature slowly. Place roosts low, so that they don’t hurt themselves when they jump down, and free ranging these birds helps with muscle development.

Jersey Giant
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  1. Wow, I had no idea about the huge variety of chickens that you can buy for kids these days! This post really opened my eyes and for sure I will be checking before buying live chickens for the grandchildren this Easter. I bought small chicks for my own kids when they were small and now it is the time for the next generation to get theirs from me.

    This is why I was doing some research today to see what the options are as unlike so long ago, I now have access to the internet and Google to see what is the best to get. Your post was perfectly timed for me, and based on your advice, I will go with the Jersey Giants. They seem to be the best fit for the space we have and also they lay eggs.

    Good post and I am sure you will be getting more traffic from people like me looking for answers, and indeed, you have provided them here today. Thanks! 

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope your grandkids love their new chicks!

  2. This is interesting .This article really came at the right time I have been thinking of getting chicken but coming across this post has given me things I also need to get alongside. Thanks for sharing this information. I will keep following you to get more updates.i had no idea of the best breed for chicken not until I read this article.

    1. That’s great – go for it, chickens can be a lot of fun. Glad the article helped. Though the article has kids in mind, the chickens I listed are great for kids and adults alike!

  3. I love the look of the Silkie Bantam. They are adorable and look so fluffy! I wish I lived somewhere I could have chickens. I hatched 4 chickens in an incubator once in my apartment. I don’t know what kind they were, but the last one to hatch was a cute little black and white baby. They of course went to my friends’ house in the country.

    Chickens would be great to teach children how to care for animals. It will also teach them that they need to take care of their daily needs right away and get them outside.

    1. Hi,

      Glad you enjoyed the article. Maybe your friends would be willing to let you keep a couple of chickens at their place? Chickens are surprisingly personable, so kids can really enjoy taking care of them.

  4. Wonderful writeup and great topic too, I know chicken have breeds but I’ve never came across an arilticle going deeply in explaining the breeds one after the other. This is impressive, keep up the good work. Can’t help but notice the breed named Silkie Bantam with a small egg and a pinkish tint, would love to know where these breeds can be purchased though. 

    1. Hi,

      Glad you enjoyed the article. There are a number of online sites to by chicks, Purely Poultry: https://www.purelypoultry.com/… is a place where you can buy the silkie…

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