There are both pros and cons to building your own coop:


  • save money
  • you can build a coop specific to your needs
  • it can be a fun family project


  • must have the right tools
  • takes time
  • basic woodworking skills will help
  • can cost more than a fully assembled coop depending what you invest in the wood, roofing, siding, etc 

If you do decide to build a coop or are still trying to decide we recommend checking out the following resources:

  1. Books from your local library that describe the ins and outs of building a coop. This can help you decide if it is a project you want to undertake. 
  2. The following websites:

These sites offer a lot of free advice and some of the plans on building your own coop are free. 

If you have built your own coop and have any suggestions or advice that can help others out, please leave your comments below.

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